Zohar Nightmares #3

I have tapped into pure darkness. Somebody or something wants me to know that I should not be doing this. This dream, it feels like a final warning. I look around frantic with paranoia. The windows of the room have become huge, no screen protecting us from the night outside. Stay away from the windows. They are watching us. I feel a blind panic growing inside me. I understand in horror that I am insane. Total mind/body dissociation blurs the boundaries between nightmare and reality. My waking consciousness knows that there is a dark truth in what will follow. I collapse shaking to the floor. As you make a futile attempt to save me, you too become wicked and corrupted. My vision becomes blurred, then fades into blackness. Everything is lost.

Azael, my beloved, do not open your eyes.

As you look at me, I am frozen by a piercing homicidal coldness. Your eyes are liquid poison, pouring out in glowing iridescent tears. I am the sacrificial offering.

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