Zohar Nightmares #2

The Temple burns. I am ecstatic as I watch the fire rising higher and higher between the arches and windows, a titanic flame engulfing our golden calves, our dreams of glory and everything we thought we were. It feels like a moment of tragic liberation. Am I clean? Is this punishment or mercy? As I escape outside, I realize I must leave everything behind. My attachment to something I own fills me with regret and sadness. Everything needs to burn. With each spasm let us push our reluctant ego over the flames of sacrifice. The blood must be pured until the last drop so that the light of the fire rises splendid in the night.

The Waters Below have broken. A deep and sinister rumble shakes the city from the underground. It is pure vibration. I can hear the dark light of the Abyss as synesthetic zero. Total blackness sounds like the degraded radiation of the universe collapsing. ZON is awake. Each fiber of our being becomes terror. We must run.

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